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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-07-28]  git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.
(1.4.6) Add gsw_load_session_confirm option - Toru Iwashita
[2017-07-27]  Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
(7.0) * profiles are automatically parsed * revamped autocomplete: no more commands needed (just set the report option, see the `schema report` section from the documentation) * based tables metadata on the schema report generated by `WbSchemaReport` * added the `report` and `use-report` option to the profiles * added events in the sql buffer (`new_instance` and `profile_changed`) * added the possibility to share a buffer connection (see `SWSqlBufferShareConnection`) * added the possibility to go to the reference source in a result set (see the `SWSqlForeignKey` command) * removed the `SWSqlAutocomplete...` commands (not necessary anymore) * in the db explorer added references tree (see `Referenced by` and `References` options) * added the `<leader><c-space>` shortcut in the result set window (will refresh the currently selected result set) - Cosmin Popescu
[2017-07-27]  asyncrun : Run Async Shell Commands in Vim 8.0 and Output to Quickfix in Realtime
(1.13.14) improve asyncrun#get_root(), allow user to specify the rootmarkers - Wei Lin
[2017-07-27]  vim-game-code-break : block-breaking game
(1.3.0) If you want to play with more than three balls, you can modify the following: " .vimrc let g:vim_game_code_break_item_limit = 4    " default value is 2 WARNING: Too many balls can slow down the game or cause bugs. I recommend the default value : 2 If the game speed is too slow, try :syntax off before starting the game. - JohngRib Lee
[2017-07-27]  quickmenu : A nice popup menu for vim
(1.2.3) add `<nowait>` befor noremap to avoid delay when you press 'c' - Wei Lin
[2017-07-27]  sh.vim : Indenting for Shell script
(4.43) bug fix - Clavelito Cla
[2017-07-27]  auto_update_cscope_ctags_database : 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
(v3.0) 1):update version to v3.0 2): if a project is not kernel code project,     we will have a chance to config support     soft link file or not,as we known find     command do not find soft link by default     if user care about this file, user can     enable it by command: Createtag     then input yes when msg:     please input 'yes' to support soft link file, default 'NO'          <Requirement from baidu Apollo project> so many     soft link file from google bazel build system          eg msg:          BUF: /media/zhl/second/8976_1_qcom/msm8976/LINUX/android/external/ppp/CleanSpec.mk     CUR: /media/zhl/second/8976_1_qcom/msm8976/LINUX/android/external/ppp     Now try to Create cscope and ctags database     A normal project will create          Support soft link file or not? (while add -L to find commmand)     Yes: please input 'yes' to support soft link file, default 'NO'>>> - Hidin zhang
[2017-07-27]  vim-love-docs : Highlighting and help file for the LOVE framework
(0.5.3) Changed line wrapping from 79 (for whatever reason) to 80 Fixed URL in the about section (love-about) Changed License to MIT - Davis Claiborne
[2017-07-26]  atomcoder : Atomcoder Development Environment
(4) Added Run function mapped to F5. If filetype is vim, will source %. else execute a run.bat file in windows shell. Code for run.bat: ..\\maven\\bin\\mvn clean package &  choice /T 60 /D Y /M "Close (60s)" & if errorlevel 2 pause - Simon Chiu
[2017-07-25]  SubstituteExpression : Pass text through an expression.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
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