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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-03-22]  vim-fileHeader : add information about source file at head of file
(1.0.0) Initial upload - 高 攀
[2017-03-22]  greek_mac.vim : Vim keymap to write traditional (“polytonic”) Greek in the Mac OS way.
(1.0.4) Streamline shortcuts for lunate epsilon. - Christos Chryssochoidis
[2017-03-21]  Terminus : Enhanced terminal integration for Vim
(1.2) - Reduce delay on leaving insert mode to 10ms. - Work-around lag for focus/blur events caused by creation and destruction of   tmux splits. - Tweak insert mode mappings to work correctly when omni completion is   active (https://github.com/wincent/terminus/pull/18). - Greg Hurrell
[2017-03-19]  paredit.vim : Paredit Mode: Structured Editing of Lisp S-expressions
(0.9.13) Always leave cursor to opening char's pos after wrapping selection. Fix possible cursor move problem caused by &indentexpr when using the c operator. Bugfix: 2 keymaps assumed g:paredit_leader is identical to ','. Fix for paredit 'x' and 'X' when clipboard=unnamed. Added support for hy. Use <Leader> instead of mapleader. Enhanced detection of forms balanced state. Unescaped square brackets in balance detection. Bugfix: pressing <Tab> (for completion) followed by ')'. Remove invalid uses of `call`. Fixed problem with 'x' and 'X' commands when erasing multi-byte unicode character. Fix Paredit burfing (by moving parens left or right) when there are stings as elements. Added paredit support for shen language. Do not skip parens after \\ when searching for pairs. - Tamas Kovacs
[2017-03-19]  slimv.vim : Superior Lisp Interaction Mode for Vim ('SLIME for Vim')
(0.9.13) This is a huge update after more than 3 years. For a detailed list of changes please visit the changelog section of the documentation. - Tamas Kovacs
[2017-03-19]  vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
(2.10) fix 3 bugs and not active vtags when vim not open a valid  rtl or not find vtags.db. - Jun Cao
[2017-03-18]  GVFilter.vim : VIm plugin to filter current buffer by given arguments, like :g or :v
(0.1.0) Initial upload - Robert Sarkozi
[2017-03-18]  vim-dokuwiki : syntax highlighting for dokuwiki
(0.5) Improved fold styling, syntax-based folding, code highlighting between code blocks, conceal chars, code cleanup, and fixes (thx @ Jonathan Beverley). - Florian Preinstorfer
[2017-03-18]  vnote : A dairy or note edit and manage tool in vim
(0.51) Initial upload - Tan Shuilong
[2017-03-18]  vimloo : Write VimL Script in an Object Orient Style
(0.51) Initial upload - Tan Shuilong
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