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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-03-30]  CurtineIncSw.vim : Switch from *.c* to *.h* and vice versa
(0.2) Initial upload - Eric Curtin
[2017-03-30]  git-switcher.vim : Session management based on git branch.
(1.4.0) Add feature to switch to the previous branch - Toru Iwashita
[2017-03-29]  vim-love-docs : Highlighting and help file for the LOVE framework
(0.5.2) Keep love commands from being highlighted in comments, added tag *love2d* - Davis Claiborne
[2017-03-29]  vim-sourcer : Several new commands for sourcing vimscript files
(0.1) Initial upload - Carl Smedstad
[2017-03-28]  eclipse-lite : a vim scheme appears to eclipse
(1.0) Initial upload -
[2017-03-27]  doctabs : A plugin to manage large files
(0.8) Allow user-specified keybinding prefix, analogous to screen's "escape ^A" or tmux's "set -g prefix C-a" - Janos Barbero
[2017-03-27]  note.vim : A syntax highlighting for general text notes
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Jihang Li
[2017-03-27]  R4vim : Plugin to work with R scripts.
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Rene Vergara
[2017-03-26]  ALE - Asynchronous Lint Engine : Lint while you type in Vim
(1.2.0) ## Bugs Fixed - Signs will now be unplaced for Italian users. - Fixed a bug where loclist items could be set for the wrong buffers. ## New Features - A command `:ALEToggle` has been added for turning ALE on or off temporarily. - A command `:ALELint` has been added for running ALE manually. - A command `:ALEDetail` has been added for showing more details for an error at the cursor. - Linters can now use a `read_buffer` option for enabling/disabling stdin input. - Linters can now use a `lint_file` option for running checks against files, instead of Vim buffers. - ALE now highlights errors in the buffer. See  `:help g:ale_set_highlights` - The `:ALEInfo` command now outputs linter variables. - The `:ALEInfo` command now outputs a command history. See `:help g:ale_history_enabled` - ALE will no longer complain if it can't work for empty filetypes or git commits. - If ALE fails to load properly, it should now still emit airline statusline messages. ## New Linters - AsciiDoc - proselint - C++ - clang - CMake - cmakelint - Haml - hamllint - Haskell - hdevtools - HTML - proselint - Java - javac - JavaScript - standard, xo - nim - nim - nix - nix-instantiate - nroff - proselint - PHP - phpmd - Pod - proselint - reStructuredText - proselint - Slim - slim-lint - SML - smlnj - Texinfo - proselint - Vim help - proselint - XHTML - proselint ## Linter Enhancements - The `coffee` and `coffeelint` linters now attempt to use the versions of those executables from `node_modules`, if available. - The `coffelint` linter will now parse more errors. - The `credo` linter now includes the filename of the file being checked, which can be useful for various checks. - The `flow` linter will not now no longer run if no `.flowconfig` file exists in an ancestor directory. - You can now configure options for the `stylelint` linter. - The `gfortran` linter now supports more kinds of error output. - The `yamllint` linter can be now be configured with an executable path and options. - The `pylint` linter now includes the symbol (a short name) for error types. - PHP error parsing has been improved, so more errors are handled. - The `eslint` linter will now report problems with the configuration file, using `:ALEDetail`. - The `perl` linter now supports options. See `:help ale-linter-options-perl-perl`. - The `clang` and `gcc` linters now support header includes in the same directories files are in. - The `erlc` linter will no longer leave compiled files lying around. - The `tslint` linter will now find configuration files, and allow the executable and configuration file to be configured. ## Misc Changes - $TMPDIR will now automatically be set to /tmp on Unix if it is not set. - ALE will now only run the `cargo` linter for Rust by default. To run other linters, modify `g:ale_linters` appropriately. See `:help ale-integration-rust`. - ALE will now echo the cursor error messages when linting finishes or when leaving insert mode. - w0rp
[2017-03-25]  LeaderF : Quickly locate files, buffers, mrus, tags, ... in large project.
(1.0.4) 7.4.330 or higher - Yggdroot Chen
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