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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-09-20]  ingo-library : Vimscript library of common functions.
(1.032) - ingo#query#get#{Register,Mark}(): Avoid throwing E523 on invalid user input when executed e.g. from within a |:map-expr|. - Add ingo/subst/replacement.vim module with functions originally in PatternsOnText.vim (vimscript #4602). - Add ingo/lines/empty.vim module. - CHG: Rename ingo#str#split#First() to ingo#str#split#MatchFirst() and add ingo#str#split#StrFirst() variant that uses a fixed string, not a pattern. - Add ingo/list/lcs.vim module. - Add ingo#list#IsEmpty(). - Add ingo/collection/find.vim module. - Add ingo/window.vim and ingo/window/adjacent modules. - Add ingo#list#Matches(). - Add ingo/list/sequence.vim module. - Add ingo#fs#path#IsAbsolute() and ingo#fs#path#IsUpwards(). - Add ingo/area/frompattern.vim module. - CHG: Rename ingo#selection#position#Get() to ingo#selection#area#Get(). Extend the function's API with options. - Add ingo#text#GetFromArea(). - CHG: Rename ingo#text#replace#Area() to ingo#text#replace#Between() and add ingo#text#replace#Area() that actually takes a (single) a:area argument. - Add ingo/area.vim module. - Add ingo#query#fromlist#QueryAsText() variant of ingo#query#fromlist#Query(). - ENH: ingo#buffer#scratch#Create(): Allow to set the scratch buffer contents directly by passing a List as a:scratchCommand. - Extract generic ingo#buffer#generate#Create() from ingo/buffer/scratch.vim. - Add ingo#plugin#cmdcomplete#MakeListExprCompleteFunc() variant of ingo#plugin#cmdcomplete#MakeFixedListCompleteFunc(). - Add ingo/ftplugin/converter/external.vim module. - Ingo Karkat
[2017-09-19]  highlight-groups.vim : Add words in highlight groups on the fly.
(1.0) Initial upload - Antoine Madec
[2017-09-19]  verilog-instance.vim : Create SystemVerilog port instantiation from port declaration.
(1.0) Initial upload - Antoine Madec
[2017-09-19]  RAPID-Syntax : Syntax, indent and more for Abb industrial robots
(1.5.2) * changed "highlight link" to "highlight default link" in syntax file * changed 'path': excluded ../PROGMOD/** and ../SYSMOD/**. This is catched by ../../../RAPID/TASK*/** now * made structure values concealable (eg MoveL *, v2500, z200, ...) * added optional mappings to quickly change between concealed/shown (F2/F3) structure values   See :help g:rapidConcealStructsKeyMap and g:rapidConcealStructs * fixed bug related to g:rapidShowError - Patrick Meiser-Knosowski
[2017-09-19]  makery.vim : A plugin for managing makeprgs.
(1.4) Refactor autoload functions - Ian Emnace
[2017-09-18]  automatic for Verilog & RtlTree : Automatic generator for Verilog HDL (upgraded) & RtlTree
(2.2.4) clear a AutoInstUpdate INST_DEL problem for null comma inst port line - zhang guo
[2017-09-18]  Mark : Highlight several words in different colors simultaneously. (#1238 continued)
(3.0.0) - CHG: Parse :Mark arguments as either /{pattern}/ or whole {word}. This better addresses the common use case of searching for whole words, and is consistent with built-in commands like :djump. - ENH: Keep previous (last accessed) window on :windo. - Consistently use :noautocmd during window iteration. - ENH: Add :MarkYankDefinitions and :MarkYankDefinitionsOneLiner commands. These make it easier to persist marks for specific files (e.g. by putting the :Mark commands into a local vimrc) or occasions (by defining a custom command or mapping with these commands), and are an alternative to :MarkSave/Load. - ENH: Add <Plug>MarkSearchUsedGroupNext and <Plug>MarkSearchUsedGroupPrev to search in a next / previous used group. Suggested by Louis Pan. - ENH: Add <Plug>MarkSearchCascadeStartWithStop, <Plug>MarkSearchCascadeNextWithStop, <Plug>MarkSearchCascadeStartNoStop, <Plug>MarkSearchCascadeNextNoStop to search in cascading mark groups, i.e. first all matches for group 1, then all for group 2, and so on. - CHG: Duplicate mark#GetNum() and mark#GetGroupNum(). Rename the former into mark#GetCount() and have it return the number of actually defined (i.e. non-empty) marks. - ENH: Allow to give names to mark groups via :MarkName and new :Mark /{pattern}/ as {name} command syntax. Names will be shown during searching, and persisted together with the marks. This makes it easier to handle several marks and enforce custom semantics for particular groups. - Properly abort on error by using :echoerr. - Add dependency to ingo-library (vimscript #4433). *** You need to separately install ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.020 (or higher)! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2017-09-18]  vim-prettier : A vim plugin wrapper for prettier
(0.1.1) feature: Adding new commands - `:PrettierVersion` - prints the `vim-prettier` plugin version - `:PrettierCli <q-args>` - send commands to the resolved `prettier` cli - `:PrettierCliPath` - check what is the resolved `prettier` cli path - `:PrettierCliVersion` - check what is the resolved `prettier` cli version - mtermayer reis
[2017-09-16]  qcvim : Highlighter for quantum chemistry input files
(0.1) Initial upload - xiaoge su
[2017-09-16]  vim.emacs : vim.emacs is a vim plugin to evaluate elisp expressions in Emacs.
(1.0) Initial upload - Olle Johansson
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