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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-05-25]  vim-prettier : A vim plugin wrapper for prettier
(0.0.1) Initial upload - mtermayer reis
[2017-05-25]  SumOfSelection : Calculate sum of visual (block) selected numbers
(1.14) - Added support for basic math functions: sqrt, log, log2, log10, exp, abs, sin, cos, tan - Added support for hex strings with 0x, and binary strings with 0b - Ivo van Kamp
[2017-05-25]  gitignore : Set 'wildignore' from ./.gitignore
(0.4) Incorporates fix by Lukas Erlacher to escape commas found in gitignore - Adam Bellaire
[2017-05-24]  Arcadia : Term and Gui
(0.01) complete redesign. Terminal themes and Xresources coming soon. - Alessandro Yorba
[2017-05-24]  remaining-todos : There are remaining TODOs in this file!
(1.0) Initial upload - Nabil Elqatib
[2017-05-24]  auto_update_cscope_ctags_database : 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
(2.0.2) update version to 2.0.2 Add cmdline mode detect             cmdline do not supprot command:eg cs reset             so we delay "Cscope_reset_detect_timer" func             when in cmdline mode optimize:             make a difference between kernel mode and 'normal' mode             when gen ctags args - Hidin zhang
[2017-05-24]  fcitx.vim : keep and restore fcitx state when leaving/re-entering insert mode
(1.2.5) * improved error message and connection handling * recognized MacVim * added timeouts - lilydjwg
[2017-05-23]  quickEditTab : A new command to open files in the same or another tab.
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Tommy Chen
[2017-05-22]  Terminalogy : Show and tell with a shell
(0.1.2) Fix problem with changed bufffer wiping process - Idan Arye
[2017-05-22]  awk.vim : Indenting for AWK script
(1.77) bug fix - Clavelito Cla
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