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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-10-20]  vim-prettier : A vim plugin wrapper for prettier
(0.2.4) bugfix: fixing bug where vim-prettier would incorrectly resolve the prettier configuration file - mtermayer reis
[2017-10-19]  vim-cursorword : Underlines the word under the cursor
(0.8) improve word matching for insert and replace modes update word under the cursor matching on InsertEnter and InsertLeave events skip underlining word if the word is too long to avoid E339 - itchyny  
[2017-10-18]  VHDL indent ('93 syntax) : Revised VHDL indent file
(1.62) Fix regression indenting type records Incorporate shiftwidth() patch. Thanks Takuya Fujiwara! - Gerald Lai
[2017-10-17]  git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.
(1.6.1) Fix bug that unnecessary message is displayed. - Toru Iwashita
[2017-10-14]  man.vim : open man pages within vim using :e man:page or :e man:section:page
(1.1) Ooops ... removed stray debug call. - rich paul
[2017-10-11]  vim-autopep8 : vim-autopep8 is a Vim plugin that runs the currently open file through autopep8.
(1.1.1) fixed auto go to first line. https://github.com/tell-k/vim-autopep8/pull/33 - tell k
[2017-10-06]  SpellCheck : Work with spelling errors.
(2.00) - ENH: Make all commands take optional [bad | rare | local | caps] type argument (the forwarded [++opt] [file] accepted by some auxiliary commands probably aren't very important here) and use that for limiting the checks to those spell error types. - ENH: Make all commands take optional predicates that limit the checked locations, e.g. to text within a certain syntax group only. - Introduce g:SpellCheck_ConsideredErrorTypes configuration variable to limit the error types by default. - Go to the first misspelling in the passed range (if any) instead of the first overall. I think this is more DWIM. - Set the quickfix type to the capitalized first letter of the spell error type, except for the default "bad" ones. This allows for better differentiation than the previous lumping of rare + local as warning vs. errors. *** You need to update to ingo-library (vimscript #4433) version 1.024! *** - Ingo Karkat
[2017-10-03]  ALE - Asynchronous Lint Engine : Lint while you type in Vim
(1.5.2) ## Bugs Fixed * ALE was sometimes reporting errors when trying to open empty list windows. This has been fixed. #920 * `staticcheck` and `gosimple` now capture both output streams so they will report errors where they didn't. #921 * ALE wasn't changing the sign column color any more when that option was on since 1.5.0. This has been fixed. #924 * ALE stopped removing signs properly when multiple signs ended up lying on a single line, since 1.5.0. This has been fixed. #964 * ALE was using the wrong ESLint configuration files in some cases. This has been fixed. #922 * `eslint --fix` now uses `-c` instead of `--config` for specifying the configuration file, which apparently works better in some versions. #951 - w0rp
[2017-10-02]  PaperColor.vim : Light & Dark Vim color scheme inspired by Google's Material Design
(0.9.2) Provide option to override any color. See design guideline: https://github.com/NLKNguyen/papercolor-theme/blob/master/DESIGN.md - Nikyle Nguyen
[2017-10-01]  Colortemplate : A tentative proposal for an “official” colorscheme template
(v0.0.2) Bug fixes in error handling. - Lifepillar
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