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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2018-01-22]  localvimrc : load subdirectory specific vimrc files
(2.6.0) - add command LocalVimRCEdit to edit sourced local vimrc files for the current buffer. - bug fixes - Markus Braun
[2018-01-22]  git-switcher.vim : Automatically save and load vim session based on switching of git branch.
(1.8.0) Add command to remove all merged branches of local repository. - Toru Iwashita
[2018-01-21]  MUcomplete : Chained (fallback) completion that works the way you want!
(1.0.0rc2) Simplified configuration (no need to define mappings for <c-e>, <c-y> and <cr> any longer!). Reduced startup time. A few new options. Better error reporting of conflicting mappings. A few minor bug fixes. Better help file. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  pgsql : The best PostgreSQL plugin for Vim!
(2.1.0) Update syntax coloring of data types. Updated for PostgreSQL 10.1. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  Colortemplate : A tentative proposal for an “official” colorscheme template
(1.2.0) Lots of small (and not so small) fixes! Improved documentation. Add Palette directive to include generated palettes. New functions to generate Vimspectr color palettes. Making top notch colorschemes has never been easier! - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  Cheat40 : A cheat sheet that makes sense, inside Vim!
(0.4) Some changes to the mappings. Allow `gf` to jump to the files mentioned in About section. Hide cheat sheet instead of unloading it. Fix size of Cheat40's window. Check for uniqueness of mapping. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  Solarized 8 : Optimized Solarized colorschemes. Best served with true-color terminals!
(1.0.2) Add Terminal, ToolbarLine, ToolbarButton hi groups. Do not enable italics by default. Add script to change an xterm color palette. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  WWDC17 : Colorful light color scheme inspired by WWDC17 page
(1.2.1) Prefer to fallback to 256 color palette. Update Search, IncSearch, LineNr, CursorLineNr, CursorColumn, FoldColumn hi groups. Add Terminal, ToolbarLine, ToolbarButton hi groups. Use transparent background in terminal when g:wwdc17_transp_bg=1. Remove filetype-specific highlight groups. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  WWDC16 : Colorful dark color scheme inspired by WWDC16 page
(1.2.1) Prefer fallback to 256 color palette. Update Search, IncSearch, LineNr, CursorLineNr, FoldColumn highlight groups. Add Terminal, ToolbarLine and ToolbarButton hi groups. Use transparent background for terminal when g:wwdc16_transp_bg=1. Document g:wwdc16_enable_syntax_hi_groups. Re-organize template file. - Lifepillar
[2018-01-21]  mkdx.vim : Adds useful mappings for working with markdown files
(0.8.0) - Fix some issues with `mkdx#WrapLink`. - `mkdx#WrapLink` handles selections that include newline character correctly. - Headers can now also be toggled on / off using `mkdx#ToggleHeader`. - When deleting a list item anywhere in the list, following list items are decremented by 1. - Added more tests for     - decrementing list items     - promoting / demoting headers     - Wrapping links and images - Sidney Liebrand
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