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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-07-20]  auto_update_cscope_ctags_database : 1:auto update cscope ctags database2:easy create database 3: auto plugn database
(v2.0.4) add python lib API jump support, (only for normal project , do not support kernel project) - Hidin zhang
[2017-07-19]  vim-todo-lists : Plugin for TODO lists management
(0.1.1) Fixes broken compatibility with the 'filestyle' plugin - Alexander Serebryakov
[2017-07-18]  Vim PHP Wrapper : A plug-in to speed up PHP development
(1.0.2) * Set default value of import-as to the class under cursor. * Sort use statements ignoring case by default. - diepm
[2017-07-17]  VimRpc : VimRpc is a Vim plugin that helps you embed vim in your programming language
(1.01) Fixed Bug in documentation - da emzy
[2017-07-17]  gen_tags.vim : Async plugin for vim and neovim to ease the use of ctags/gtags
(1.0) 1. Add help file 2. Add gtags source for ncm (optional) 3. Add option to specific ctags location 4. Add LICENSE file 5. Optimize source code 6. Restructure plugin 7. Fix known issues - Jia Sui
[2017-07-17]  quickmenu : A nice popup menu for vim
(1.2.2) remember cursor position when quickmenu reopen, clear help text in cmdline after closed. - Wei Lin
[2017-07-16]  vim-game-code-break : block-breaking game
(1.2.0) add 'Q' : quit and close game - JohngRib Lee
[2017-07-15]  VimCalc3 : Plugin that provides a convenient interactive calculator inside a Vim buffer
(3.1) Allow real numbers without leading 0 and with capital E. - Leonid Fedorenchik
[2017-07-14]  mintycode : Dark color scheme focusing on cool colors
(1.01) Color scheme now correctly identifies as "minty". Colors are no longer affected by previous color scheme. - Bryce Aidukaitis
[2017-07-14]  change-case.vim : Operator to change case (camelCase, snake_case, UPPER CASE etc.) of text
(1.0.1) Change mapping in visual mode from 'cC' to 'C'. - Mohammed Chelouti
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