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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-11-22]  Vim SQL Workbench : Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
(8.0) * for autocomplete, added all fields * for autocomplete, in fields insert, added the db type of the field * for autocomplete, fixed several bugs (now it's working also for subqueries) * for autocomplete, improved the caching * for autocomplete, for insert, in the fields part, once a field is inserted, the next autocomplete will not return it. * added autocomplete for macros * for autocomplete, when a subquery is found, is returned as `subquery`, instead of `#ALIAS#` in the completion menu * added the possibility to cache several `wbschemaexports` * added the possibility to follow all the references of a resultset (which rows is the current row referecing and which rows from other tables are referencing the current row): see `SWSqlReferences` and `SWSqlReferencedBy` * added the possibility to fetch the references tree only until a certain level * for filtering and hiding columns, a new query is sent to the database now * when in an sql buffer, on an insert, if you are in the fields part, you can see the corresponding value and when on a value in the values part, you can see the corresponding column (see SWSqlMatch) * now, you can execute macros just like a query (so no shortcut for `SWSqlExecuteMacro`); you can do `<leader>c-<space>` on a macro and is going to be interpreted correctly * you can now get the sql behind a macro (see `SWSqlGetMacroSql) * you can choose now to send to the server the macro `sql` query rather than the macro (see `g:sw_prefer_sql_over_macro` option) * when autocompleting the list of columns (for example for `SWSqlFilter`), now for identical identifiers the table part will be added in paranthesis after the column name * now, when filtering, you can directly insert the insert sql part for the current resultset (see `SWSqlFilter`) * added the `SWSqlGenerateInsert` command, which will generate an insert which will be coppied in the clipboard * commands removed: `SWSqlExecuteMacro`, `SWSqlShowOnlyColumn`, `SWSqlForeignKey`, `SWSqlFilterColumn`, `SWSqlUnfilterColumn`, `SWSqlRemoveAllFilters` * commands added: `SWSqlReferences`, `SWSqlReferencedBy`, `SWSqlFilter`, `SWSqlUnfilter`, `SWSqlGenerateInsert`, `SWSqlGetMacroSql`, `SWSqlInsertMatch` * added `dbext` comparison - Cosmin Popescu
[2017-11-21]  ALE - Asynchronous Lint Engine : Lint while you type in Vim
(1.6.2) ## Bugs Fixed * ALE's parsing for `stack-build` has been updated so it will parse errors with leading spaces, as returned by newer versions. #1124 * LSP linters on Windows weren't handling filename URIs correctly. This has been fixed. #1149 - w0rp
[2017-11-21]  greens : A green/red/yellow colorscheme
(2016.12.07) trivally changed MatchParen's color - Yuheng Xie
[2017-11-21]  Mark : a little script to highlight several words in different colors simultaneously
(1.1.12-g) fixed errors when no marks found - Yuheng Xie
[2017-11-20]  SearchAsQuickJump : Quick search without affecting 'hlsearch', search pattern and history.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
[2017-11-19]  SearchSpecial : Generic functions for special search modes.
(1.10) - ENH: Allow to configure the echoing of successful matches via a:options.EchoFunction. - ENH: Allow to configure the error messages when there are no matches via a:options.ErrorFunction. - ENH: Allow to return more search information via a:options.isReturnMoreInfo. - ENH: Allow to run commands before and after the first search via a:options.BeforeFirstSearchAction and a:options.AfterFirstSearchAction. Needed for SearchManyLocations.vim. - ENH: Allow to run commands after each search via a:options.AfterAnySearchAction and after the final search jump via a:options.AfterFinalSearchAction. Allow to specify a:options.additionalSearchFlags. Both required for SearchAsQuickJump.vim offset enhancement. - Ingo Karkat
[2017-11-18]  spotdiff.vim : A range selectable diffthis to compare partially
(2.0) Enhanced to indicate the selected lines with a '-' in the fold column. - Rick Howe
[2017-11-17]  dbext.vim : Provides database access to many DBMS (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, MySQL, DBI,..)
(26.00) New Features ------------ - New option g:dbext_default_job_show_msgs to control whether information messages are displayed when starting and stop jobs.  Regular status messages continue to display. - New option g:dbext_default_job_pipe_regex to control how to identify and strip piped in files and specify it separately via job options. - Renamed option g:dbext_default_use_jobs to g:dbext_default_job_enable to better support tab completion for the DBSetOption command.                                                                            Bug Fixes --------- - Also check for 'timers' when checking for job support. - Revamped job support.  Tested on Windows, Linux and OSX.  Works on long running and very short jobs where it was erratic on first release. - Peter Bagyinszki
[2017-11-16]  emacscommandline : makes command-line mode behave more like the Unix command line
(1.3) Added mappings for following go to first / last line in history (Meta-< and Meta->) transpose character under cursor with previous character (Ctrl-T) - Houtsnip -
[2017-11-13]  AutoSave : Automatically persist a buffer frequently.
(1.00) Initial upload - Ingo Karkat
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