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cheat.vim : Vim wrapper for cheat (http://cheat.errtheblog.com) utility.

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created by
Alexandru Ungur
script type

:Cheat <Tab>
will autocomplete the available cheatsheets.

alternatively, you can position the cursor over a word matching a cheatsheet (say ambition) and hit <leader>ch
Tip: looks nicer when you have wildmenu turned on ;-)
install details
Just drop in $VIM/plugin/ and you're set.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cheat.vim 1.2 2008-06-03 6.0 Alexandru Ungur * added CheatRecent command to get a list of recent cheatsheets
* thanks to Ferry Boender for the code for dumping output of
   commands into a window (Bexec - script #1788) now Cheat dumps
   its output into a window as well, and no longer to 'stdout'
cheat.vim 1.1 2007-09-15 6.0 Alexandru Ungur Added caching to decrease the loading time. By default it caches to "$HOME/.cheats" but that can be overriden from .vimrc with:
let g:cheats_cache = "/path/to/your/file"

Also the plugin does not depend on any *nix commands any longer (cut, grep, cat) so it may be possible to run it on other platforms as well.
cheat.vim 1.0 2007-09-08 6.0 Alexandru Ungur Initial upload
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