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cca.vim : code_complete_again: a complete plugin mixed the code_complete and snippetsEmu

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created by
Wxyarv Wang
script type
homepage: http://code.google.com/p/vim-cca/
now you can use cca.vim and ctk.vim (http://vim-cca.googlecode.com/files/ctk.vim) implements all features of c.vim

you can add yourself compiler at snippets file, and all the compilers can invoked by ctk.vim.

in windows, you can compile and run, but now in unix, you can only compile : i can find a way to execute a program in a true-terminal. next version will solve this problem.

ctk.vim is only in beta version now.

if you have any good idea, please tell me at here: http://code.google.com/p/vim-cca/issues/list

    this is a re-code version of code_complete(new update)                      
    (vimscript#2427) the                  
    original version of code_complete is write by mingbai, at                    
    this plugin mix the features of code_complete and snippetEmu,              
    you can put the snippet file in the cca_snippets_folder (defaultly          
    "snippets"), and put template file in cca_template_folder                    
    (defaultly "templates"). then you can input a tigger word and a              
    hotkey to complete. e.g: if the hotkey is <m-d> (Alt+d or Meta+d,            
    i found this combine-key is easy to press :) ) and you has a                
    snippet named foo, when you input the "foo<m-d>", it maybe changed          
    to: (which "|" is the position of your cursor)                              
    cca support snippetsEmu-style named tag and command tag in your              
    snippet (and template file). you can define the tag-mark youself,            
    and it will be highlighted (if you open the built-in highlight              
    function of Vim). this is a summary of the kinds of tag. (the tags          
    will be highlighted special, if you open highlight. and suppose              
    the cca_tagstart is "<{". the tagcommand is ':',  and the tagend            
    is "}>")                                                                    
        - cursor tag:   <{}> or <{:}> if you press hotkey, and next              
                        tag is a empty tag, the cursor will move to              
        - named tag:    <{foo}> after you press hotkey, the name of              
                        the tag will selected, and if you input a text          
                        to replace it, all tag has the same name with            
                        current tag will be replaced to the same                
                        value.  e.g:  (the pipe is position of cursor)          
                        |   <{foo:1}> is a <{foo:2}>.                            
                        after you press <a-d> and input "bar"                    
                        directly, it will changed to:                            
                        bar| is a bar.                                          
                        the :1 and :2 mark is for sign tags for                  
                        regconize it when you make nest tags.                    
        - identifier tag:                                                        
                        cca must register tag's name and command for            
                        replace nest tag correctlly.  if you can sure            
                        the tag is only for name replace, user won't            
                        make complete in it (that is, it will never be          
                        a nest tag), and it didn't have any command,            
                        you can just add a "cmd" mark after                      
                        identifier.  e.g: <{i:}>. and cca won't                  
                        register this tag.                                      
        - command tag:  <{foo:1}>, or <{:1}> where "1" may be any                
                        number. this is the command number in                    
                        dictionary b:cca.tag_table. if this is a                
                        noname command tag, the command will calculate          
                        immediately. and if it has a name, it will act          
                        as a named tag, and calculate the command when          
                        you leave the tag (goto the next tag).  the              
                        "xt" snippet in common.vim is a noname command          
                        tag, and "printf" in c_snippets.vim is a named          
                        command tag.                                            
                XXX:    you can complete at normal, select and insert            
                        mode, but you must notice that the first char            
                        of tag is not "in" the tag.  e.g: |<{A}> now            
                        cursor is NOT in the tag A. so it is in normal          
                        mode, so if you want to jump to next tag, you            
                        should make sure the cursor is just in the tag          
        cca_hotkey      this defined the hotkey for complete                    
        cca_submitkey   this defined the submitkey.(that is, jump over          
                        a line, and leave all tags in this line into            
                        its default value).                                      
        cca_tagcommand  this defined the tag mark. and you can                  
                        define them as buffer-variables.                        
                        this define the search range for tag jump.              
                        defaultly it is 100, it means just search the            
                        tags in 100 line under current line. if it set          
                        to zero, only search tags in screen.                    
                        this define the filetype buffer variable name.          
                        snippets support this name to show the ext              
                        name for specific filetype. it defaultly                
                        "ft_ext", and b:ft_ext will be used as a                
                        ext-name specified variable name.                        
                        this is a dictionary name for snippets file              
                        show its locale tag marks. it has three item:            
                        start, end and cmd. it defined tagstart,                
                        tagend and tagcommand in specified snippets              
                XXX:    to use cca_filetype_ext_var and                          
                        cca_locale_tag_var, see the specified snippets          
                        these define the default folder where cca to            
                        find the snippets files and template files. it          
                        must be found at 'runtimepath'.                          
        cca_auto_indent no use in this version                                  
                        Start and stop the complete this will register          
                        or unregister the key map and do some                    
                        initialliztion or clean work.                            
        DefineSnippet   define the snippets. each snippets file are              
                        all combined with this command. the format is:          
                        DefineSnippet {trigger word}: {complete text}            
                        trigger word can be anything. it can have                
                        space, can be a symbol. but if it have space            
                        and have more than one symbol, when you input            
                        it, you should add a "#" before it. e.g: now            
                        we define a sinppet:                                    
                DefineSnippet trigger with word: this is a trigger with <{}>word
                        then we can input:                                      
                        #trigger with word<m-d>                                  
                        then it will change to:                                  
                        this is a trigger with |word                            
                        the cursor is before "word"                              
        RefreshSnippets refresh the current snippets file. if no                
                        filetype is set, this command will load                  
                        "common.vim" in snippets folder. the snippets            
                        file is under "filetype" folder in snippets              
                        folder, or named "filetype_others.vim", which            
                        others can be any words. all of snippets file            
                        will load in.                                            
install details
for cca.vba: open with vim, and press :so%<CR> (<CR> means enter button)
for cca.vim: just drop it in your plugin folder, it should be ~/.vim/plugin (in *nix) or $VIM/vimfiles/plugin (in windows).
for cca-bundles.zip: unzip it, and put snippets folder into your vim folder (just the parent folder of plugin folder above)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
cca.vim 0.2 2009-02-26 7.0 Wxyarv Wang i forgot comment the debug option...
cca.vim 0.2 2009-02-19 7.0 Wxyarv Wang bugfix - make function complete more useful.
cca.vba 0.2 2009-02-19 7.0 Wxyarv Wang this is a complete package, containing cca.vim, ctk.vim and snippets files. just :so% it if you hasn't installed cca yet.
cca.vim 0.2 2009-02-17 7.0 Wxyarv Wang still bugfix, and some new features.

now you can add a "!" before the tag-command, that means the result of the command may be the new text for next tag.

e.g: after you enter "def",
    <{a:'abc'}> <{a}>
turns to
    abc def
    <{a:!‘abc'}> <{a}>
turns to
    abc abc
cca_bundles.zip 0.1 2009-02-17 7.0 Wxyarv Wang the bundles of snippets file. directly converse from the snippetsEmu (http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1318). so it maybe has many bugs, if it is, please tell me at: http://code.google.com/p/vim-cca/issues/list , thank you for use!
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