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vimake : Vimake is a programming aid written in C++ for Linux

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michael lear
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Ever wanted to edit/compile/assemble/link and debug, then run the completed program all inside one Vim or Gvim editing session. With Vimake you can do this and much more, no need to write Makefiles, no need to exit vim to test your programs, it can all be done using just a few function keys.
Vimake is a programming aid which can build files in C, C++, as(Gas) & Nasm This allows single or mixed language programs to be built at the touch of a  key. You can also write, test and run bash, perl, ruby, and python scripts all
whilst in a normal Vim or Gvim session. Used with Vim's QuickFix function it turns Vim into a powerful programming environment.
install details
copy  the package to your home directory then run
tar -zxvf vimake-1.12.tar.gz.
Change directory to the doc sub-dir of the package then
use \"install.html\" for detailed installation instructions.
vimake package contains a demonstration and detailed tutorial.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
vimake-1.18.tar.gz 1-18 2011-04-22 7.0 michael lear GTKMM has been added to the list of programs which vimake can build without the need
of a Makefile. This allows the gtkmm demonstration package to be built as separate
stand alone programs. The GUI IDE has now been re-written as a vim plug-in, using gtkmm
programs to display toggle key messages. The tutorial has been updated to include all of
the new features.

Copy the vimake-1.18.tar.gz package to your home directory.
Then use the following commands to build and install.
      tar -zxvf vimake-1.18.tar.gz
      cd ~/vimake-1.18
      make install

Then change to the doc sub directory and run Tutorial.html This contains full Installation-
Configuration and a Tutorial on using Vimake in Vim, Gvim and the GUI.
vimake-1.15.tar.gz 1.15 2010-11-17 7.0 michael lear Fixed BUG where viclean removed any executable shell scripts from the project dir. This was because stat
returns true on all executable files. Added further test to skip all exectable shell scripts.
Replaced incorrect version of utils.cc with latest version.
A full installation guide  and tutorial is included in the doc directory. To build this version copy the package to your home directory then run: tar zxvf vimake-1.15.tar.gz.
vimake-1.14.tar.gz 1.14 2010-11-15 7.0 michael lear Vimake,    compile-assemble-link-run-debug a file or files in a vim session with hot keys.
This version of vimake has many improvements over the earlier version. It now can load,build and run
in a vim session lua. It can automatically switch the ddd front end debugger to load the following
file types. Asm, C/CPP, Bash, Python and Perl. It can also run the ruby debugger and the other script languages  in a vim shell. A full installation guide  and tutorial is included in the doc directory. To build this version copy the package to your home directory then run: tar zxvf vimake-1.14.tar.gz.
Change directory to $HOME/vimake-1.14 and follow the README instructions.
vimake-1.12.tar.gz 1-12 2010-03-20 6.0 michael lear Initial upload
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