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emacscommandline : makes command-line mode behave more like the Unix command line

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Houtsnip -
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This plugin makes the command-line mode behave more like the Unix command
line, by adding Emacs-style mappings (like in the Bash shell).  Some of the
mappings just map existing vim commands, but the rest implement functionality
that is not available natively.

Repository: https://github.com/houtsnip/vim-emacscommandline


CTRL-A         move cursor to beginning of line
CTRL-E         move cursor to end of line (i.e the native vim behaviour:
                 see c_CTRL-E).  Not actually a re-mapping, but noted here
                 anyway for completeness.
CTRL-B         move cursor one character backwards
CTRL-F         move cursor one character forwards (overwrites c_CTRL-F)
META-B         move cursor one word backwards
META-F         move cursor one word forwards


CTRL-D         delete character under cursor
CTRL-K         kill line (delete from character under cursor to end of line)
                 (overwrites insert digraph: see c_CTRL-K.  This is a shame,
                 but personally I don't use this much in command-line mode.)
CTRL-U         backwards kill line (delete backwards to beginning of line)
                 (i.e. the same behaviour as in Bash: unix-line-discard)
META-D         delete word under cursor
META-Backspace delete word backwards
CTRL-W         delete backwards to previous white-space character
                 (i.e. the same behaviour as in Bash: unix-word-rubout)


CTRL-P         previous line in history (same as <Up>)
CTRL-N         next line in history (same as <Down>)
META-R         search history backwards
                 (It would be nice to use the mapping CTRL-R, but this is
                 already used for insert register: see c_CTRL-R.)


CTRL-Y         paste (yank) last deleted text (overwrites c_CTRL-Y).
                 Note that in Emacs, 'yank' means 'paste', whereas in vim it
                 means 'copy'.  The same text is also available in the
                 registry 'c'.
CTRL-_         undo last change (overwrites c_CTRL-_)
CTRL-X_CTRL-U   "    "    "
CTRL-Z         toggle command-line as external command (overwrites suspend
                 vim in the terminal)


The old functions are all mapped to the same combination prefixed by CTRL-O.
So for example, to open the command-line window (see c_CTRL-F), press
instead CTRL-O_CTRL-F.


This plugin buggers up the expression register (i.e. c_CTRL-R_=).  This is
a limitation of vim.  I don't know how to switch these mappings off in the
expression register and I don't think it's possible. However I never use the
expression register except in mappings, so it doesn't affect me.

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
emacscommandline.zip 1.3 2017-11-16 7.0 Houtsnip - Added mappings for following
go to first / last line in history (Meta-< and Meta->)
transpose character under cursor with previous character (Ctrl-T)
emacscommandline.zip 1.2 2017-11-08 7.0 Houtsnip - New features:
added many options to allow customization of plug-in
made Ctrl-E, Ctrl-F, Ctrl-K, and Meta-D mappings use native vim functionality when cursor is at end of line
changed search command line mapping (Meta-R) now use Ctrl-R, and made it use the native functionality except when the command line is empty
added Ctrl-G mapping (abort command line)
emacscommandline.tar.gz 1.1 2011-06-06 7.0 Houtsnip - Fixed <Backspace> and <Del> for multi-byte characters
emacscommandline.tar.gz 1.0 2011-04-18 7.0 Houtsnip - Initial upload
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