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TextTransform : Create text transformation mappings and commands.

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Ingo Karkat
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This plugin allows you to build your own text transformations. You only supply
the transformation algorithm in the form of a Vim function that takes a string
and returns the transformed text (think substitute()), and TextTransform
will create all appropriate mappings and / or commands with a single call!

Do you often perform the same :substitute commands over and over again? You
may be able to save yourself a lot of typing by creating custom commands and
mappings for it. Because the mappings (like built-in Vim commands such as gU
or g?)  are applicable to text moved over by {motion}, entire lines, and the
visual selection, you'll also have way more flexibility and places where you
can apply them (compared to the line-based range of :substitute).

- Idea, design and implementation are based on Tim Pope's unimpaired.vim
  plugin (vimscript #1590). It implements XML, URL and C String encoding
  mappings, but isn't extensible with other algorithms.
  The TextTransform plugin enhances unimpaired's transformation function with
  handling of text objects and a list of selection fallbacks, and allows to
  not only create mappings, but also transformation commands.

TextTransform#MakeMappings( {mapArgs}, {key}, {algorithm} [, {selectionModes}] )

                        Create normal and visual mode mappings that apply
                        {algorithm} to the text covered by {motion}, [count]
                        line(s), and the visual selection.

TextTransform#MakeCommand( {commandOptions}, {commandName}, {algorithm} [, {options}] )

                        Create a custom command {commandName} that takes a
                        range (defaulting to the current line), and applies
                        {algorithm} to the line(s).

TextTransform#MakeSelectionCommand( {commandOptions}, {commandName}, {algorithm}, {selectionModes} )

                        Create a custom command {commandName} that applies
                        {algorithm} on the TextTransform-selectionModes
                        specified by {selectionModes}, or the current visual
                        selection (when invoked from visual mode).

Here's a stupid transformation function that replaces all alphabetic
characters with "X":
    function! BlankOut( text )
        return substitute(a:text, '\a', 'X', 'g')
With this, this single call:
    call TextTransform#MakeMappings('', '<Leader>x', 'BlankOut')
creates this set of mappings:

    <Leader>x{motion}   transforms the text covered by {motion}
    <Leader>xx          transforms [count] line(s)
    {Visual}<Leader>x   transforms the visual selection

You can set up a command for this transformation just as easily:
    call TextTransform#MakeCommand('', 'TextBlankOut', 'BlankOut')
so you can blank out the next three lines via
install details
This script is packaged as a vimball. If you have the "gunzip" decompressor
in your PATH, simply edit the *.vmb.gz package in Vim; otherwise, decompress
the archive first, e.g. using WinZip. Inside Vim, install by sourcing the
vimball or via the :UseVimball command.
    vim TextTransform*.vmb.gz
    :so %
To uninstall, use the :RmVimball command.

- Requires Vim 7.0 or higher.
- Requires the ingo-library.vim plugin (vimscript #4433), version 1.015 or
- repeat.vim (vimscript #2136) plugin (optional)
- visualrepeat.vim (vimscript #3848) plugin (optional)

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
TextTransform-1.24.vmb.gz 1.24 2014-06-19 7.0 Ingo Karkat - ENH: Allow optional [!] for made commands, and suppress the "Nothing transformed" error in that case. This can help when using the resulting command as an optional step, as prefixing with :silent! can be difficult to combine with ranges, and would suppress _all_ transformation errors.
- ENH: Add g:TextTransformContext.isBang (for custom transformation commands).
TextTransform-1.23.vmb.gz 1.23 2014-05-31 7.0 Ingo Karkat - ENH: Support selection mode "/{pattern}/", which selects the text region under / after the cursor that matches {pattern}.
- Minor: Also handle :echoerr in the algorithm.
TextTransform-1.22.vmb.gz 1.22 2014-03-06 7.0 Ingo Karkat - Add TextTransform/Selections.vim.
TextTransform-1.21.vmb.gz 1.21 2014-01-15 7.0 Ingo Karkat - Minor: Use functions for newer ingo-library.
- Need to use ingo#compat#setpos() to restore the selection in Vim versions before 7.3.590.
TextTransform-1.20.vmb.gz 1.20 2013-09-25 7.0 Ingo Karkat - FIX: When the selection mode is a text object, and the text is at the end of the line, the replacement is inserted one-off to the left.
- Implement abort on error for generated commands.
- Add g:TextTransformContext.mapMode context information so that transformations can query from which source (line- or motion-mapping, or custom command) they've been triggered.
- Add g:TextTransformContext.isAlgorithmRepeat and g:TextTransformContext.isRepeat context information (the latter through additional <Plug>TextR... mappings) so that transformations that e.g. query the user for something can skip the query and re-use the previously entered value on a repeat of the mapping. It also allows commands that process the lines individually to do different processing (or caching of expensive values) for the first processed line.
- Allow to pass command arguments, which are then accessible to the algorithm through g:TextTransformContext.arguments.
- Minor: Make substitute() robust against 'ignorecase'.
TextTransform-1.11.vmb.gz 1.11 2013-05-17 7.0 Ingo Karkat - Avoid changing the jumplist.
- Add dependency to ingo-library (vimscript #4433).
- FIX: When the selection mode is a text object, must still establish a visual selection of the yanked text so that g:TextTransformContext contains valid data for use by a:algorithm.
TextTransform-1.10.vmb.gz 1.10 2013-01-21 7.0 Ingo Karkat - FIX: In a blockwise visual selection with $ to the end of the lines, only the square block from '< to '> is transformed. Need to yank the selection with gvy instead of defining a new selection with the marks, a mistake inherited from the original unimpaired.vim implementation.
- Save and restore the original visual area to avoid clobbering the '< and '> marks and gv by line- and motion mappings.
- Temporarily set g:TextTransformContext to the begin and end of the currently transformed area to offer an extended interface to algorithms.
TextTransform-1.03.vmb.gz 1.03 2012-09-05 7.0 Ingo Karkat - For the custom operators, handle readonly and nomodifiable buffers by printing just the warning / error, without the multi-line function error.
- Avoid clobbering the expression register (for commands that us  options.isProcessEntireText).
TextTransform.vba.gz 1.02 2012-07-30 7.0 Ingo Karkat Avoid "E706: Variable type mismatch" when TextTransform#Arbitrary#Expression() is used with both Funcref- and String-type algorithms.
TextTransform.vba.gz 1.01 2012-04-05 7.0 Ingo Karkat In mappings and selection commands, place the cursor at the beginning of the transformed text, to be consistent with built-in transformation commands like gU, and because it makes much more sense.
TextTransform.vba.gz 1.00 2012-04-05 7.0 Ingo Karkat Initial upload
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