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LeaderF : A replacement of the famous ctrlp.vim yet written in Python.

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created by
Yggdroot Chen
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This plugin is mainly used for searching files, buffers, mrus in large project.
    Written in Python.
    Support for fuzzy and regex searching.
    Manage buffers and mrus.
    Open multiple files at once.


    vim7.0 or higher.
    vim compiled with Python support, you can check by using echo has('python') or echo has('python3') to see if the result is 1.

    :Leaderf or :Leaderf [directory] or ,f
    Launch LeaderF to search files.

    :LeaderfBuffer or ,b
    Launch LeaderF to search buffers.

    Launch LeaderF to search Mru.

    Once LeaderF is launched:

    <C-C> : quit from LeaderF.
    <C-R> : switch between fuzzy search mode and regex mode.
    <C-F> : switch between full path search mode and name only search mode.
    <ESC> : switch to normal mode.
    <C-V> : paste from clipboard.
    <C-U> : remove all characters between the cursor position and the beginning of the line.
    <C-J>, <Down>, <C-K>, <Up> : navigate the result list.
    <2-LeftMouse> or <CR> : open the file under cursor or selected(when multiple files are selected).
    <C-X> : open in horizontally split window.
    <C-]> : open in vertical split window.
    <C-T> : open in new tabpage.
    <F5> : refresh the cache.
    <C-LeftMouse> or <C-Z> : select multiple files.

Related works:
    ctrlp is a great plugin. Some ideas of my plugin come from it.

Advantages over ctrlp:
    The only advantage over ctrlp is performance. If you are smart enough, perhaps you can find more.

    This plugin is released under the Vim License.

install details
To install this plugin just put the plugin files in your ~/.vim (Linux) or ~/vimfiles (Windows).
For Vundle user, just add Bundle 'Yggdroot/LeaderF' to your .vimrc.

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LeaderF.zip 1.0.3 2014-03-28 7.0 Yggdroot Chen fix a bug
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