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Script Type Rating Down
Flexagon utility 0 9 Fold switcher with variety of prepackaged folds
git-remote-open utility 0 14 Copy/Open url of files directly from vim on github/bitbucket
move-less utility 4 12 plugin for faster navigation without changing the cursor position
vim-hardaway color scheme 7 27 Vim colorscheme with Airline integration.
rested color scheme 0 74 A desert based scheme with more colors.
vinegar.vim utility 2 25 Combine with netrw to create a delicious salad dressing
simplebuffer utility 1 30 a very simple buffer manager.
nimble-anyjump.vim utility 4 29 Initial upload.
open-browser-github.vim utility 0 35 Open GitHub URL of file, issue, pull request (GitHub Enterprise supported)
open-browser-unicode.vim utility 0 19 Open fileformat.info page about character on current cursor / given character
dadbod.vim utility 54 79 Modern database interface for Vim
copy paste finder utility 0 35 utility for viewing copied-pasted code side-by-side
aa utility 0 15 A plugin for managing time and note taking
txtmux.vim utility 0 56 ( tabwins x textwins ) multiplexer
textwins.vim utility 0 72 Windows that text
streamline.vim utility 0 53 Essential wares, to get there
copytoggle.vim utility 0 70 Vim's pastetoggle for copying
vim-ruby-block-helpers ftplugin 1 68 Helpers for maneuvering between ruby blocks, and context output in rspec files
JumpToVerticalBlock utility 0 39 Like W / E, but vertically in the same column.
Toki Pona syntax 0 27 syntax coloring and filetype settings for the Toki Pona minimalist conlang
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