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Script Type Rating Down
SubstituteExpression utility 0 44 Pass text through an expression.
smart-tabline.vim utility 8 68 maintains buffers for the tab it belongs to
subnetquicksearch.vim utility 0 42 Searches for a highlighted subnet
VimRpc utility 26 61 VimRpc is a Vim plugin that helps you embed vim in your programs
mintycode color scheme -28 244 Dark color scheme focusing on cool colors
dirconf.vim utility 0 39 project specific vim config and notes
VimCalc3 utility 0 119 Plugin that provides a convenient interactive calculator inside a Vim buffer
quickmenu utility 20 219 A nice popup menu for vim
vim-todo-lists utility 1 201 Plugin for TODO lists management
vim-game-code-break game 7 201 block-breaking game
factorus utility 8 184 Vim plugin for automated refactoring
stunter.vim utility 0 41 stunter.vim: run vim test
Vim PHP Wrapper ftplugin 0 116 A plug-in to speed up PHP development
DeleteHiddenBuffers utility 8 55 Clean your file buffer when you work for long periods on a large project
ZFVimFoldBlock utility 8 54 fold code block using regexp
ZFVimIndentMove utility 4 48 move cursor quickly accorrding to indent
ZFVimTxtHighlight syntax 0 55 highlight plain text files, suit most cases
change-case.vim utility 7 107 Operator to change case (camelCase, snake_case, UPPER CASE etc.) of text
LiterateVimrc utility 4 104 Plugin for creating
CompleteParameter utility 24 264 complete parameter after select the completion.
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