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Script Type Rating Down
tSkeleton utility 1685 12841 File Templates and Code Skeletons/Snippets
navajo-night color scheme 233 8523 A blue scheme, inverse of navajo
autocorrect.vim utility 134 3633 Correct common typos and misspellings as you type
cream-showinvisibles utility 125 4768 Toggle view of invisible tabs, returns, trailing spaces
cream-numberlines utility 109 1177 Number lines of a selection
cream-capitalization utility 104 2665 Capitalize a selection in one of four ways
maximize.dll utility 104 2937 Maximizing plugin for Win32 gVim
cream-sort utility 58 1752 sort a file by lines
cream-replacemulti utility 51 1039 Replace text across multiple files
cream-progressbar utility 36 1150 draw a progress bar in the command line
cream-ascii utility 34 1289 Insert an ASCII character from a dialog box
cream-email-munge utility 22 1228 Munge an email address
cream-keytest utility 17 855 Test and interpret keyboard characters returned by your hardware/software.
cream-statusline-prototype utility 15 1539 Display current function prototype in statusline
F6_Comment utility 14 965 Auto commenting that accepts Visual range
cream-vimabbrev utility 13 1089 Convert Vim script command and option names between full and abbreviated forms
F6_Comment (old) utility 0 413 Auto commenting that accepts Visual range
DevLife game 0 303 Type of basic "role-playing" game. You take the role of a programer and you work
vimrc utility -11 939 Word Processing in Vim (_vimrc win32)
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