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man.vim utility 0 39 open man pages within vim using :e man:page or :e man:section:page
Colortemplate ftplugin 4 29 A tentative proposal for an “official” colorscheme template
WORDComplete utility 0 17 Insert mode completion that completes an entire sequence of non-blank characters
highlight-groups.vim utility 4 25 Add words in highlight groups on the fly.
verilog-instance.vim utility 4 24 Create SystemVerilog port instantiation from port declaration.
makery.vim utility 0 46 A plugin for managing makeprgs.
qcvim syntax 1 24 Highlighter for quantum chemistry input files
vim.emacs utility 0 15 vim.emacs is a vim plugin to evaluate elisp expressions in Emacs.
purge_undodir.vim utility -1 12 Purging useless undofile on exit
MarkdownCopy utility 0 25 Copy Markdown to clipboard as HTML
vim-Verdin ftplugin 0 29 An omni-complete function for Vim script
vim-scratchpad utility 1 14 toggle a scratchpad
fix-vim-pasting utility 0 43 Fixes pasting in Vim, so it works as you expect.
AutoOrigami.vim utility 0 31 Automatically set 'foldcolumn'
CtrlXA utility 1 46 make Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A run through keyword cycles
octopus.vim syntax 12 51 syntax highlighting for octopus
mbed-vim utility 99 75 Execute mbed CLI commands without exiting Vim!
SubstituteExpression utility 0 37 Pass text through an expression.
smart-tabline.vim utility 8 52 maintains buffers for the tab it belongs to
subnetquicksearch.vim utility 0 38 Searches for a highlighted subnet
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